Founded in 2008, by scientists committed to develop innovative products for the life sciences industry, NZYTech aims to support science advancement and the discovery of novel industrially applied tools. NZYTech is a privately owned fast growing international company which discovers, produces and supplies a wide range of solutions in the fields of Molecular Biology & Diagnostics, Enzymes & Proteins and enzymatic Assay Kits. NZYTech laboratories more closely resemble those of a Research Institute as the company is devoted to use science to support the development of high-tech and high-quality products. In recent years, NZYTech scientists have published more than 130 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. The excellence of our technical support fully backs up the enjoyable experience of using NZYTech products and services.

As NZYTech continues to evolve globally, we aim to make the worldwide acquisition of NZYTech products and services a fast, easy and enjoyable experience for our customers, as well as to provide products that simplify, accelerate and improve your research and production settings.

NZYTech is also able to offer bulk, custom or OEM products and services for large laboratories carrying out multiple assays or to companies who wish to distribute NZYTech portfolio under their own label. We have developed and manufacture a comprehensive range of molecular biology, enzymes and assay kits that offer the best solution for the research and industrial markets.

NZYTech is committed to expand its product and service portfolio to satisfy the expectations of our customers. NZYTech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.