“The NZYTech High Throughput service is the best choice you can make if you need the cloning and expression of an high number of enzyme-coding genes in a short time. What is great is dealing with an efficient company and great scientists that assist you in your needs personally along the project up to very end.”

Academic from Italian University

“I have used NZYTech’s HTP service on multiple occasions to produce large repertoires that target complex glycans. the service was efficient, the delivery of the recombinant plasmids was prompt and it saved a great postdoc time. This cost effective service has really helped to push our science forward.”

Academic from British University

“We bought the NZYEasy Cloning & Expression kit I (MB282) for the routinary cloning and expression of enzymes. The price of this kit is absolutely competitive, it is very easy to use and the efficiency has been 100%. We strongly  recommend it.”

Research Scientist from National Research Council of Italy

“The One-step NZYSpeedy RT-qPCR Green kit (MB34602) is fantastic!”

Patricia Madureira, University of Algarve and University of Portsmouth

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