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NZYTech Custom & OEM Solutions

NZYTech's Custom & OEM Solutions is dedicated to solving their partners greatest challenges by providing unique access to the development of novel products and tailored solutions in molecular diagnostics.

From key components to ready to use solutions. From one-off production batches to large scale single or multi-product development solutions for research and industry applications.

NZYTech designs bespoke products that help you improve your molecular biology and diagnostics workflows. Ensuring 360º support with technical expertise and logistical proficiency that secures fast turnaround time.

NZYTech has an expanding portfolio of IVD and RUO Real-Time PCR Assays and kits. Including Reagents and IVD kits certified under the ISO 13485.

A dedicated project manager will provide support from development to launch, as well as real-time in-market support. And an R&D team innovating with new products and iterations ensure you are the first-to-market when upgrading to novel products.

Our Custom services range from private to white labeling and bespoke packaging for customized formulations, including lyo-ready and lyophilized solutions and custom brand colors for your master-mixes, to a dedicated support team that will meet specific R&D, Product and Packaging requirements under your unique market specifications.

NZYTech’s OEM solutions offer components and reagents necessary to create specialty solutions for any diagnostic application in research and industry. Thus allowing our clients to leverage NZYTech’s robust solutions in their workflow.

As enzymology and protein science experts we can support you with more than 1800 products for molecular biology applications including end-point and real-time PCR, RNA and cDNA Synthesis, as well as for Analyte quantification in agro-food & biofuels industries or qPCR detection kits for Human, Food and Animal testing services.

At NZYTech our uniquely collaborative spirit, commitment to quality, scale of manufacturing and exceptional technical and customer support all help to ensure the success of our partners.