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DNA & RNA Modifying Enzymes

  • New T4 DNA Ligases

    20 November, 2023

    In most modern molecular biology processes, DNA ligation is crucial. Yet, achieving precise DNA ligation poses a challenge for researchers, creating a barrier to experiment reliability and efficiency.

    This week, NZYtech reveals two innovative T4 DNA ligases ready to overcome these challenges, making life easier for life science researchers.

  • NZY Bst DNA Polymerase: A Performance and Benchmark Analysis

    25 October, 2023

    Scientists and researchers are constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge tools and techniques to expedite their experiments and achieve more accurate results. The NZY Bst DNA Polymerase, is a novel solution in the realm of DNA amplification. Let's walk through a comprehensive performance and benchmark analysis of the NZY Bst DNA Polymerase.

  • NZYTech mark 15th Anniversary with Exclusive Birthday Sale

    05 June, 2023
    NZYTech is celebrating its upcoming 15th anniversary with a special anniversary sale. The company is offering customers a chance to save big on a selection of 15 lab products, ranging from Real-Time PCR instruments to DNA & RNA purification kits.
  • Meet a Scientist - Rita Simões

    01 February, 2023

    Easy-to-use polymerases engineered for fast detection and designed for state-of-the-art applications in molecular biology and diagnostics are key for both life science reasearchers performing critical experiments and technicians carrying out diagnostic testing.

    Rita Simões, Junior Scientist at NZYTech’s R&D department, has dedicated her time to an important research and development project at NZYTech - A new NZY Bst DNA polymerase, part of a new generation of DNA polymerases.

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