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100% Cashback with ExoSAP Mixes – Limited Time Offer!

04 June, 2024

100% Cashback to your NZYWallet for NZY ExoSAP Mixes

Get 100% cashback to your NZYWallet when purchasing any one of our NZY ExoSAP mixes - Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix and Speedy NZY Blue ExoSAP Mix.

To benefit from this promotion, you must:

  • Have an online client account at
  • Place an order or convert an online quote to an order when purchasing either the via the Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix or the Speedy NZY Blue ExoSAP Mix at NZYTech online store
  • Order must be placed on June 4th or 5th to be valid
  • Within 2 weeks your NZYwallet will be credited with the total related to the purchased elibigle products


Customers are entitled to a 100% cashback on their NZYWallet for the following ExoSAP mix products:

Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix

Speedy NZY Blue ExoSAP Mix


How to Redeem Your Credits

  • Create an Account: Ensure you have an account on the NZYTech website.
  • Select Your Products: Add any of the eligible ExoSAP mix products to your cart.
  • Apply Promo Code: Use the promocode "Cashback ExoSAP" at checkout.
  • Receive Cashback: Your NZYWallet will be topped up within two weeks after the order.


The offer is valid from June 4, 2024, to June 5, 2024. And for all order types, including: Orders, Proformas, Quotes and Online quotes converted offline to an order.

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • VISA


This promotion may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, except for the 5% discount on online orders.


Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mixes Overview

When it comes to efficient and reliable enzymatic cleanup of PCR products, NZYTech offers two exceptional solutions: Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix and Speedy NZY Blue ExoSAP Mix. These innovative products are designed to streamline your workflow while maintaining the integrity of your samples and with highly relevant applications:

  • DNA sequencing
  • Cloning
  • Genotyping
  • Any downstream applications requiring clean PCR products

Here's a quick overview of each mix and why you should consider adding them to your laboratory toolkit.


Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix

Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix is your go-to solution for swift and effective PCR product cleanup. This one-tube solution simplifies your workflow by integrating seamlessly with common PCR buffers and requiring only a 3-minute protocol.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Cleanup: Cleans PCR products in just 3 minutes.
  • High Specificity: Combines recombinant Alkaline Phosphatase and Exonuclease to remove unincorporated primers and nucleotides.
  • Sample Integrity: Ensures no loss of sample integrity during the process.
  • Compatibility: Works well with a variety of PCR buffers.
  • Simple Protocol: Add the mix in a 1:6 ratio to your PCR product, incubate for 2 minutes, and inactivate the enzyme with a 1-minute heat treatment at 80°C.


Speedy NZY Blue ExoSAP Mix

Speedy NZY Blue ExoSAP Mix offers all the benefits of the original ExoSAP mix with the added convenience of a tracking dye. This feature allows for easier visualization and handling during the cleanup process.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Cleanup: Completes PCR product cleanup in 3 minutes.
  • High Specificity: Utilizes the same potent combination of recombinant Alkaline Phosphatase and Exonuclease.
  • Sample Integrity: Preserves the integrity of your PCR products.
  • Tracking Dye: Includes a dye to facilitate visual tracking and handling.
  • Ease of Use: Similar to the Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix, it requires a 1:6 enzyme-to-product ratio, with a 2-minute incubation and a 1-minute heat inactivation at 80°C.


Why Buy These ExoSAP Mixes?

Advantages Over Alternative Methods:

  • Precision: The enzymatic cleanup method provides superior precision compared to spin columns or nucleic acid purification beads.
  • Speed: Both mixes require only a 3-minute protocol, significantly reducing your workflow time.
  • Simplicity: The one-tube solution and straightforward protocol make these mixes user-friendly and easy to integrate into existing workflows.
  • Efficiency: Ensures complete removal of unincorporated primers and nucleotides, resulting in high-quality, ready-to-use PCR products.


By choosing Speedy NZY ExoSAP Mix or Speedy NZY Blue ExoSAP Mix, you are ensuring efficient, reliable, and high-quality results for your PCR cleanup needs.