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Elevate Your Lab Work with Precast Gels

11 September, 2023

In the dynamic world of biotechnology research, efficiency, precision and reliability are paramount. To meet these demands head-on, we are thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking products that promise to redefine your laboratory experience: NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel 4-15% and NZY Bis-Tris Precast Gel 4-12%. These NZY Precast Gels are meticulously designed to accelerate your experiments, enhance precision and streamline your electrophoresis processes.


The NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel 4-15%

Prepare to revolutionize your electrophoresis experiments with the NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel 4-15%. This innovative product boasts three key benefits that will significantly elevate your research:

  1. Enhanced Gel Electrophoresis Speed - Say goodbye to waiting around for your gels to set. With NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gels, you can dive straight into your experiments, significantly reducing the time spent on gel preparation.

  2. Better Band Separation - Achieve clearer and more distinct band separation than ever before. Our Tris-Glycine gels are meticulously designed to provide superior resolution, making it easier to analyze and interpret your results.

  3. Stable for Shipping at Ambient Temperature - Worried about the logistics of gel transport? Fret not! Our gels are stable at ambient temperature, ensuring they reach you in perfect condition, no matter where you are located.


The NZY Bis-Tris Precast Gel 4-12%

For those working with smaller proteins or peptides, the NZY Bis-Tris Precast Gel 4-12% is a game-changer. This gel is tailored to meet the specific needs of researchers looking for enhanced band sharpness, better resolution of small proteins, and the convenience of stable shipping at ambient temperature.

  1. Enhanced Band Sharpness - Experience sharper and crisper bands, allowing for more accurate analysis and interpretation of your results. With NZY Bis-Tris Precast Gels, you can trust that your data is as precise as your experiments deserve.

  2. Better Resolution of Small Proteins - Working with small proteins or peptides can be challenging, but our Bis-Tris gels are here to make it easier. Achieve the level of resolution you need for your specialized experiments.

  3. Stable for Shipping at Ambient Temperature - Shipping laboratory supplies can be a logistical hassle. NZY Bis-Tris Precast Gels eliminate this concern by remaining stable at ambient temperature during transit, ensuring your experiments are not delayed due to product transportation.


Elevate Your Research with NZY Precast Gels

At NZYtech, we understand that your time in the lab is precious, and your experiments demand the utmost accuracy and reliability. With our NZY Tris-Glycine and Bis-Tris Precast Gels, you're not just simplifying your workflow; you're investing in the future of your research. Experience the speed, precision, and convenience that our gels offer, and focus on what truly matters – uncovering groundbreaking results.

Make the switch to NZY Precast Gels today and unlock the potential for smoother, more precise electrophoresis experiments. Your research deserves the best, and NZY is here to provide it.

Ready to revolutionize your research? Download our informative flyer to learn more about NZY Precast Gels and how they can supercharge your lab work.

Curious to try the Precast Gels for yourself? Request a sample of each product today and experience the future of electrophoresis firsthand. Head over to each product page and click in Request Sample.

Plus, as a special launch promotion, we're excited to offer you a 15% discount on our Tris-Glycine and Bis-Tris Precast Gels! That's right, you can now elevate your research for just €84.15.

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NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel (4-15%, 12 wells)