Next Generation Sequencing Symposium

20th October 2016

This Next Generation Sequencing Symposium will present several scientific applications/ points of view based on current projects that make use of GATC NGS technology as a research tool in clinical environments.
GATC will provide a thorough overview of technologies available with the greater traction potential in clinical research.

This NGS Symposium is a free event, but registration is mandatory (see below).


09:30 Registration and handing of documentation

10:00 Presentation/ Opening Session (Dr. Julio Garcia Rodriguez, Dpt. Microbiologia HULP)

10:30 New technologies and integrated services for NGS: an overview (Dr. Bernhard Busch GATC Biotech AG, Germany)

12:00 Coffee break

12:30 Future perspectives of NGS application to the study of viral hepatitis and SNP analysis for prognosis [Dr. Javier Garcia Samaniego, Drs. Ana Isabel Gil Garcia and Irene Francisco Recuero (HCV research unit run by Dr. Antonio Madejon and directed by Dr.Antonio Madejon Seiz (IP of HCV and member of CIBEREDH)]

13:00 GATC Liquid: testing the boundaries of liquid biopsies (Dr. Bernhard Busch GATC Biotech AG, Germany)

14:00 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Site Directed Microsequencing (SDM), flipping a coin for the future of sequencing based diagnostics (Dr. Pablo Castan, Epistem Ltd.)

14:30 Lunch

15:30 Uses of NGS (Massive Sequencing) in HCV diagnostics: Deep Sequencing for detection of resistance mutations and genotyping. (Dr. Antonio Madejon Seiz)

16:30 Round Table and partnering (Chairman: Dr. Jesus Mingorance)


Aula Ortiz Vázquez del Hospital La Paz

20th October 2016


Registrations closed.