PDZ domains are structural modules of 80 to 90 amino acids found in signaling proteins of bacteria, yeast, plants, viruses and animals (Vicentelli et al. 2015, Nature Methods 12, 787-93). PDZ is an acronym combining the first letters of three proteins, which were first discovered to contain these domains: Post synaptic density protein (PSD95), Drosophila disclarge tumor suppressor (Dlg1), and Zonula occludens-1 protein (zo-1). PDZ domains play an essential role in a number of cellular processes by facilitating protein scaffolding and assembly of protein complexes. Protein complex formation between PDZ target molecules can lead to a number of signaling and regulatory cascades that may either promote or inhibit the activation of certain proteins.

PDZ domains are emerging as novel and highly attractive drug targets, particularly in the fields of cancer and brain diseases. In recent years it has become increasingly evident that a complex network of intracellular signaling pathways driven by protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are activated which triggers a range of cellular responses. One of the most important mediators of PPIs in numerous human physiological mechanisms are PDZ domains. NZYTech is proud to offer a library of representative recombinant PDZ domains of the human proteome. The boundaries of the constructs have been optimized according to Luck et al. (FEBS Lett. 2012 586:2648-2461), by taking into account the vast structural information available on PDZ domains. For customers requiring large volumes, PDZ domains are also available in Bulk.

Use the Blast search software below if you aim to find a PDZ domain with a specific primary sequence.