NZYTech’s DNA polymerases offer great performance expressed by high yields and extreme sensitivity. Each enzyme presents different features to cover a wide range of applications. Thus, we organized enzymes by applications allowing you to direct your selection to the enzyme(s) that most suit your experiment. The Supreme version of each enzyme displays a hot-start-like activity for improved specificity and sensitivity. Choose the DNA polymerase that most suits your experiment:

1) Measures the minimal quantity of human gDNA required to amplify a 1-kb fragment.
2) For DNA fragments lower than 2-kb, use 5 sec/kb.


NZYTaq II DNA polymerase

( MB354 ) 35,00149,00

NZYProof DNA polymerase

( MB146 ) 70,00439,00

NZYLong DNA polymerase

( MB003 ) 47,00286,00