Animal venoms are highly complex molecular cocktails containing a wide range of biologically active peptides that target, with high selectivity and efficacy, a variety of membrane receptors. These peptides and their biological activities possess important pharmacological, therapeutic and biotechnological values. Venom peptides are highly stable molecules displaying formidable affinity and selectivity while presenting low immunogenicity, making them attractive candidates for the development of novel therapeutics.

Venom peptides generally contain between 20 to 120 residues and include up to eight disulfide bonds that are critical for both biological activity and stability.

In recent years, considerable emphasis is being put on the discovery of novel molecules with therapeutic interest and venom peptides appear as a source of potential drugs. Unfortunately, the use of venom peptides as therapeutic or biotechnological molecules is still hampered by the difficulty to produce native and active proteins in sufficient amounts. In order to increase the availability of these molecules for academic or pharmaceutical partners, NZYTech is proud to offer a library of representative animal recombinant Venom Peptides. Our recombinant Venom Peptides are subjected to a variety of highly stringent quality control protocols to reach high purity levels and to confirm the molecular weight, oxidation pattern and molecular integrity of recombinant peptides.