Carbohydrate Binding Module 32A (CZ1033)

Activity: Family: Organism: Zobellia galactanivorans Architecture: GFP-CBM32 Reported optimal pH: 6.5 - 7.5 Reported optimal temperature: 37°C Ligand specificity: alginate



Description: GFP-CBM32 is a Carbohydrate Binding Protein derived from Zobellia galactanivorans. Recombinant GFP-CBM32, purified from Escherichia coli, is a modular protein containing a family 32 Carbohydrate Binding Module (CBM32) with an N-terminal Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) ( This GFP protein derivative is particularly recommended for subcellular localization studies. The protein is provided in 35 mM NaHepes buffer, pH 7.5, 750 mM NaCl, 200 mM imidazol, 3.5 mM CaCl2 and 3.2 M ammonium sulphate, at a 0,5 mg/mL concentration. Bulk quantities of this product are available on request.

Storage: 4 °C

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Certificate of Analysis ZN021