NZY-A PCR cloning kit (MB053)

Refrigerated package


Description: NZY-A PCR cloning kit was designed to allow the direct cloning of PCR products with 3´-A overhangs, which result from amplifications using non-proofreading DNA polymerases. The cloning vector was prepared by cutting NZYTech´s pNZY28 with EcoR V and adding a 3´ terminal thymidine at both ends. These single 3´-T overhangs improve the efficiency of ligation of a PCR product into the plasmid by preventing re-circularization of the vector and providing compatible overhangs for PCR products generated by non-proofreading thermostable polymerases. Vector pNZY28 contains multiple restriction sites within the multiple cloning region. However, vector digestion with EcoR I or BamH I allows the release of the PCR product since the vector cloning region is flanked by recognition sites of both enzymes.

– Easy TA cloning procedure
– High-efficiency cloning (>90% of positive clones)
– No requirement for time-consuming  restriction digests
– Possibility of blue/white screening

– Cloning of A overhangs PCR products
– Possibility of clone blunt-ended PCR products after an A-tailing procedure


Cloning method: TA PCR
Ligation reaction time: 1 hour
Ligation reaction temperature: room temperature
Storage conditions: Store competent cells at -80 °C. Other kit components may be stored at -20 °C or at -80 °C
Shipping conditions: Shipped at dry ice

– NZY-A Buffer (2x)
– pNZY28-A vector (50 ng/µL)
– T4 DNA Ligase (2 U/µL)
– NZY-A positive control insert (50 ng/µL)
– NZYStar Competent Cells (*)
– Competent Cells Control Plasmid (0.1 ng/µL) (*)

(*) only provided in MB05301 kit

pNZY28 vector map
Product Brochure EN
Safety Information EN
Informacao de Seguranca PT
Certificate of Analysis ZN121
Certificate of Analysis YO031
Certificate of Analysis YL101
Certificate of Analysis NM121

1. Schematic representation of the NZY-A PCR cloning method

Scheme - NZY-A PCR cloning kit

2. Protocol Overview:


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