Agarose (electrophoresis grade) (MB027)


Description: NZYTech’s electrophoresis grade agarose is a Molecular Biology Grade type of agarose suitable for the daily needs of DNA electrophoretic analysis. Presents high purity for preparative and analytical electrophoresis of nucleic acids >100 bp. Forms a solid gel at low concentration.

– Extraordinary mechanical resistance for reliable and easier handling
– Possibility of varying pore size in accordance with particle size by modifying the gel concentration
– Easy dilution in an appropriate buffer by standard boiling or microwaving
– Greater thermal stability due to high hysteresis (difference between gelling and melting temperatures)
– Excelent transparency of the gel and high visibility
– Exceptional low absorption of staining agents
– Absence of toxicity (the alternative polyacrylamide is toxic)

– High electrophoresis mobility
– Nucleic acid analytical and preparative electrophoresis
– Blotting assays
– Protein electrophoresis such as radial immunodifusion

– Molecular Biology Grade
– Gel strength (1%): ≥1200 g/cm2
– Gel strength (1.5%): ≥2500 g/cm2
– Gelling temperature: 36 ± 1.5 ºC
– Sulphate: ≤0.1%
– EEO: 0.05-0.13
– DNase/RNase activity: none detected
– CAS Number: 9012-36-6

Storage: Store at room temperature

Certificate of Analysis ZN101
Certificate of Analysis ZN081
Certificate of Analysis ZN031
Certificate of Analysis YO051
Certificate of Analysis YO041
Certificate of Analysis YO031
Certificate of Analysis NM121
Certificate of Analysis NM111

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