Yeast Extract micro granulated (MB16401)


1000 g


Description: Yeast Extract is a spray dried extract manufactured by complete autolysis, i.e. a transformation of proteins into peptides, and amino acids, implemented through the proteolytic enzymes present in yeast cells. The cell membranes are discarded, enabling completely soluble yeast extracts to be obtained. Besides peptides and amino acids, yeast extract also contains purine and pyrimidine bases, carbohydrates and water soluble vitamins of B group. Due to its carbohydrate content, typically 10%, yeast extract is not suitable for media intended for the study of sugar fermentation. It is one of the components of the commonly used LB Broth for the growth of recombinant Escherichia coli. The micro granulated presentation of Yeast extract considerably limits the emission of dust, gives the product its free-flowing aspect and allows it to dissolve more rapidly in water.

Soluble in: water

Storage: Store dry at room temperature



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