NZYStar (MB005)

Refrigerated package


Description: NZYStar Competent Cells are suitable for general cloning protocols and for the construction of gene banks or the generation of cDNA libraries using plasmid-derived vectors. Tetracycline ensures that the selectable F´ containing lacZα M15 is maintained and thus eliminates the background of non-recombinant white colonies which have lost the F´. NZYStar Competent Cells are lacIq and require IPTG to induce expression from the lac promoter.

– Transformation efficiency: ≥ 109 cfu/μg of pNZY28
– Blue/White screening capability

– Construction of cDNA libraries
– Construction of gene banks
– High quality plasmid preparation
– Mutagenesis
– Routine cloning

– Genotype: endA1 hsdR17(rk-, mk+) supE44 thi -1 recA1 gyrA96 relA1 lac[F´ proA+B+ lacIq ZDM15 :Tn10(TcR)]
– Storage conditions: Store at -80 ºC
– Shipping conditions: Shipped at dry ice

– NZYStar Competent Cells (10 or 20 × 200 µL)
– Competent Cells Control Plasmid (10 µL at 0.1 ng/µL)

Product Brochure EN
Safety Information EN
Informacao de Seguranca PT
Certificate of Analysis ZN012
Certificate of Analysis ZN011
Certificate of Analysis YO101
Certificate of Analysis YO091
Certificate of Analysis YO052
Certificate of Analysis YO051
Certificate of Analysis YO043
Certificate of Analysis YO042
Certificate of Analysis YO041
Certificate of Analysis YL101
Certificate of Analysis NM101

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