NZY-blunt PCR cloning kit (MB121)

Refrigerated package


Description: NZY-blunt PCR cloning kit was designed to allow the direct cloning of PCR products with blunt ends, which result from PCR amplifications using proofreading DNA polymerases, such as NZYProof DNA polymerase, into pNZY28. The pNZY28 vector provided was linearized at the EcoR V and dephosphorilated.

– High-efficiency cloning (> 90% of positive clones)
– No requirement for time-consuming restriction digests
– Possibility of blue/white screening

– Cloning of blunt-end PCR products


Cloning method: Blunt PCR
Ligation reaction time: 1 hour
Ligation reaction temperature: room temperature
Storage conditions: Store competent cells at -80 °C. Other kit components may be stored at -20 °C or at -80 °C
Shipping conditions: Shipped at dry ice

– Phos Buffer (10x)
– Phos Enzyme Mix
– Positive control insert (120 ng/µL)
– Linearized pNZY28 vector (20 ng/µL)
– T4 DNA Ligase (2 U/µL)
– NZYStar Competent Cells (*)
– Competent Cells Control Plasmid (0.1 ng/µL) (*)

(*) only provided in MB12101 kit

pNZY28 vector map
Product Brochure EN
Safety Information EN
Informacao de Seguranca PT
Certificate of Analysis YO111
Certificate of Analysis YO102
Certificate of Analysis YO101
Certificate of Analysis YO041
Certificate of Analysis YO031

Protocol Overview:


Identification of a novel human LAP1 isoform that is regulated by protein phosphorylation
Santos M, Domingues SC, Costa P, Muller T, Galozzi S, Marcus K, da Cruz e Silva EF, da Cruz e Silva OA, Rebelo S
PLos One, 2014


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