T4 DNA Ligase (MB007)

Refrigerated package


Description: T4 DNA Ligase is an ultrapure recombinant enzyme purified from Escherichia coli supplied with an optimized 10× Reaction Buffer, which includes ATP. T4 DNA Ligase catalyses the formation of a phosphodiester bond between juxtaposed 5′-phosphoryl and 3′-hydroxyl termini in duplex DNA. It repairs single-strand nicks in duplex DNA and will join both blunt and cohesive-end restriction fragments of duplex DNA or RNA. The enzyme requires ATP as cofactor.

– Free from detectable nonspecific nuclease, endonuclease, RNase and DNase activities
– Supplied with an optimized reaction buffer for efficient ligation reactions

– Cloning of both blunt- and sticky (cohesive)-end restriction fragments
– Cloning of PCR products
– Joining linkers and adapters to DNA
– Nick repair
– Self-circularization of linear DNA


Enzyme concentration: 5 U/μL
Source: Recombinant E. coli strain
Optimal reaction temperature: 16-20 °C
Heat inactivation: 65 °C for 10 min
Storage conditions: Store at -20 °C
Shipping conditions: Shipped at dry ice

– T4 DNA Ligase (5 U/μL)
– Reaction buffer (4x)

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Certificate of Analysis ZN112
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Certificate of Analysis 19041

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