NZYGelpure (MB011)


Description: NZYGelpure kit is designed for the purification of DNA from TAE/TBE agarose gels and for direct purification of PCR products. Average recoveries range from 60 to 90% depending on the fragment size. NZYGelpure purification kit utilizes a silica-gel based membrane which selectively adsorbs up to 20 µg of DNA fragments in the presence of specialized binding buffers. Soluble agarose, nucleotides, oligos (<30-mer), primer dimers, enzymes, mineral oil and other impurities do not bind to the membrane and are washed away. DNA fragments are then eluted off the column and can be used for downstream protocols without further processing. Binding Buffer contains a pH indicator, allowing the evaluation of optimal pH for DNA binding. The pH indicator does not interfere with DNA binding.

– Quick DNA clean-up
– Spin column silica-based
– Purifies DNA fragments from 50 bp to 20 kb
– Binding capacity of up to 20 µg of DNA
– Includes a pH indicator for easy visual determination of optimal pH for DNA binding

– DNA purification from agarose gels
– PCR clean-up
– DNA purification from enzymatic reactions

High quality, purified DNA using NZYGelpure:
The capacity of NZYGelpure to recover DNA fragments of different sizes from an agarose gel was tested by comparing with a similar competitor product. Thus, two different PCR products of 2 and 3 kb, respectively, were separated (in duplicate) through electrophoresis on a 1% (w/v) agarose gel and then purified from gel using NZYGelpure and the competitor kit, following the respective manufacture protocols.

gelpurednaLanes 1 and 2: DNA fragment of 2 kb purified by NZYGelpure; Lanes 3 and 4: DNA fragment of 2 kb using a competitor kit; Lanes 5 and 6: DNA fragment of 3 kb purified by NZYGelpure; Lanes 7 and 8: DNA fragment of 3 kb using a competitor kit; Lane M: NZYDNA Ladder III.



Sample type: DNA (PCR reactions; enzymatic reactions)
Format: Spin-column
A260/A280: > 1.8
Elution volume: 30-50 µL
Binding capacity: 20 µg
Procedure: Manual – centrifugation
Product size: 50, 200, 2×50 and 5×200 columns
High-throughput compatibility: NZYDNA Clean-up 96 well plate
Storage conditions: All kit components can be stored at room temperature
Shipping conditions: Shipped at room temperature

– Binding Buffer
– Wash Buffer (concentrate)
– Elution Buffer (does not contain EDTA)
– NZYTech Spin Columns
– Collection Tubes (2 mL)

Product Brochure
Certificate of Analysis ZN121
Certificate of Analysis ZN071
Certificate of Analysis YO081
Certificate of Analysis YO072
Certificate of Analysis YO071
Certificate of Analysis YL101
Certificate of Analysis NP012
Certificate of Analysis NP011
Certificate of Analysis NM111
Certificate of Analysis NM081
Certificate of Analysis NM061

Protocol Overview for DNA purification from agarose gels:

Gelpure_purification from gel

Protocol Overview for PCR clean-up or DNA purification from enzymatic reactions:

Gelpure_purification from reactions

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