NZYMaxiprep Endotoxin free (MB399)



Description: NZYMaxiprep Endotoxin Free kit was designed for the rapid, medium-scale preparation of highly pure plasmid DNA (typically 500 µg) from recombinant Escherichia coli strains, virtually free of endotoxins (<0.1 EU/µg plasmid DNA). Plasmid DNA binds selectively to NZYMaxi columns-Endotoxin Free charged with a silica-based anion-exchange resin. Effective washes allow the complete removal of contaminants, such as proteins, RNA, salts, nucleotides, oligos and endotoxins. The purified nucleic acid products are suitable to use in transfection of very sensitive cells like primary or neuronal cells. Using NZYMaxiprep Endotoxin Free kit, in two efficient washing steps, the plasmid DNA is eluted completely endotoxin free.

– Quick maxi-prep of pure plasmid DNA
– Efficient removal of endotoxins and other contaminants in two washing steps
– Silica-based anion-exchange columns
– High yields of plasmid DNA (typically 500 µg/ column)
– Endotoxin Free H2O provided

The purified plasmid DNA, free of endotoxins, is suitable for use in:
– Transfection
– In vitro transcription
– Enzymatic reactions
– Automated fluorescent or manual sequencing
– Cloning
– Hybridization


Culture volume/starting material:100-250 mL E. coli culture volume
Plasmid type:high- and low-copy number, cosmids or large constructs ranging from 3-300 kbp
Format:gravity flow column
Yield:up to 500 µg
Elution volume:variable
Endotoxin level:< 0.1 EU/µg
Preparation time:approx. 100 min/2 preps
Product size:5 columns, 2 x 5 columns
Storage conditions:All kit components can be stored at room temperature; Buffer NML1-EF with RNase should be stored at 4 °C for frequent use
Shipping conditions:Shipped at room temperature


-Buffer NML1-EF, 70 mL
-Buffer NML2-EF, 80 mL
-Buffer NML3-EF, 80 mL
-Buffer NMEQ-EF, 50 mL
-Buffer NMW1-EF, 300 mL
-Buffer NMW2-EF, 150 mL
-Buffer NMEL-EF, 100 mL
-Buffer NME-EF, 15 mL
-Endotoxin-Free H2O, 15 mL
-70% Ethanol (conc.), 15 mL
-RNase A, 7 mg
-NZYMaxi-EF Columns, 5 units
-NZYFolded Filters, 5 units
-NZYPlastic Washers, 2 units

Product Brochure EN
Certificate of Analysis 19041

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