Discovery Comfort Multichannel DV8-200 (5123)


1 unit


Description: Adjustable multichannel pipette  designed  for  the  filling  of  laboratory microplates. The pipette enables precise and simultaneous aspiration of 8 tips. Discovery Comfort pipettes combine the highest level of accuracy and precision with traditional design to make the pipetting experience comfortable and safe.

– Accurate and precise pipetting
– Volume locking prevents accidental counter shift
– Low pipette weight and soft springs system provides comfort during long pipetting series
– Equipped  with  a digital  counter  which shows  the  pipetting  volume. The set volume is visible in the window on the handle
– Pipette  construction  allows  to  rotate  the  multichannel module and to eject the tips through 360°
– Special ejector  shape reduces  the  force  required  for  their  ejection. The ejector allows effortlessly discarding all tips simultaneously
– Maximum volume: 200 μL (A ±1.0%; P ±0.6%)
– Minimum volume: 20 μL (A ±3.0%; P ±1.5%)
– Compatible standard tips: 200 μL

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