NZY Standard ECL (MB40101)


250 mL


Description: NZY Standard ECL is a sensitive and improved kit for chemiluminescent detection in western blotting (WB) applications. It consists in two solutions appropriate to WB with horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated antibodies. The substrate is recommended for the detection of high to medium abundant proteins. X-ray film or other imaging methods may be used to visualize the target proteins.

Storage: room temperature; Luminol-Enhancer Solution needs protection from light.

NZYTech offers two ECL detection kits: NZY Standard ECL and NZY Advanced ECL. Please find the one that most suits your experiment on the table below:

NZY ECLStandardAdvanced
Signal intensityMediumHigh
Signal durationMediumLonger
Protein amountHighMedium
Primary antibody1:500 – 1:50001:1000 – 1:15000
Secondary antibody1:20000 – 1:1000001:25000 – 1:150000


Switching from other ECL kits? Check here which NZY ECL is more appropriate/equivalent for you.


Product Brochure EN
MSDS EN - Luminol-enhancer solution
MSDS PT - Luminol-enhancer solution
MSDS EN - Peroxide solution
MSDS PT - Peroxide solution

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