ROX reference dye (MB40601)


500 µL (25 µM)


Description: ROX reference dye is used in qPCR reactions for the normalization of the fluorescent signal. The presence of this dye allows the correction of pipetting inaccuracies and fluorescence fluctuations. Depending on the qPCR machines, the dye must be added to the qPCR or One-step qPCR Master Mixes in order to obtain a predefined final concentration. ROX is present at 25 µM and should be protected from light.


Concentration25 µM
Absorvance572 nm
Emission602 nm
StorageStore at -20 ºC
ShippingShipped at 4 ºC to dry ice

– 500 µL of ROX reference dye at 25 µM

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Certificate of Analysis 19071

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