Random hexamer mix (MB12901)

Refrigerated package


25 μg (500 μL)


Description: Random hexamer mix includes oligonucleotides representing all possible hexamer sequences. Random hexamers are commonly used for priming single-stranded DNA or RNA for extension by DNA polymerase or reverse transcriptase, typically when the template is difficult to copy in its entirely. During cDNA synthesis, random hexamer will perform random priming throughout the entire length of the RNA to generate a cDNA pool containing various lengths of cDNA. With this method, all RNAs present in a population constitute templates for cDNA synthesis experiment.

– Ultra-pure grade
– DNase/ RNase free

– Priming ssDNA or RNA for extension by DNA polymerase or Reverse transcriptases

– Primer sequence: 5’- d (NNNNNN)-3’, where N = G, A, T or C
– Storage conditions: Store at -20 ºC
– Shipping conditions: Shipped on dry ice

– Random hexamer mix (500 µL at 50 ng/µL)

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Certificate of Analysis YO022
Certificate of Analysis YO021

Random hexamers randomly bind throughout the entire length of all RNA (tRNA, rRNA, and mRNA)

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