Alpha-like toxin Bom4, recombinant venom peptide (VP0006)

Organism: Buthus occitanus mardochei


0,1 mg (0,5 mL)


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Description: Alpha-like toxin Bom4 venom peptide is a recombinant peptide purified from Escherichia coli that was originally isolated from the venom of Buthus occitanus mardochei (Moroccan scorpion). Bom4 toxin binds voltage-independently sodium channels (Nav) and inhibits sodium channels inactivation, thereby blocking neuronal transmission. This alpha-like toxin was described as highly toxic to mice and insects. The recombinant peptide is provided in 50 mM NaHepes buffer, pH 7.5, 300 mM NaCl, at a 0.2 mg/mL concentration.


MW: 7296 Da

Number of Cys: 8

Number of Disulfide bonds: 4

Concentration: 0,2 mg/mL

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