Equine dermatophytosis Real-time PCR Kit, RUO (MD01291)

Activity: Target: Beta-tubulin and Chitin Synthase 1


150 reactions


Description: The kit for Equine Dermatophytosis is designed for the in vitro quantification of Trichophyton and Microsporum genomes. The kit is designed to have the broadest detection profile possible whilst remaining specific to the Trichophyton and Microsporum genomes. The primers and probe sequences in this kit have 100% homology with a range of Trichophyton and Microsporum sequences of interest based on a comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. The kit includes positive control for copy number determination, as well as an internal extraction template to control the quality of the nucleic acids extraction avoiding false negative results.

-Nucleic acid target: DNA
-Robust Lyophilized qPCR master mix
-PCR Method: quantitative PCR
-Detection Method: Primer-Probe Detection
-Rapid detection of clinically relevant subtypes
-Positive copy number quantification
-Highly specific detection profile
-High priming efficiency
-Sensitive to < 100 copies of target -Accurate controls -For research use only

-Specific primer/probe mix – FAM labelled
-Positive control template – for Standard curve
-Internal extraction control primer/probe mix – VIC labelled
-Internal extraction control
-Endogenous control primer/probe mix – FAM labelled
-Lyo NZYSupreme qPCR master mix (2x)
-Lyo reference dye

Storage conditions: -20 °C

Shipping conditions: Room temperature

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