Custom Gene Cloning (MS002)



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NZYTech offers a high-performance DNA cloning service allowing you to save time and energy for your research. Our expert PhD team uses next generation cloning techniques to quickly modify any plasmid at any location. DNA fragments will be cloned directly into our pHTP vectors or into a vector of your choice. pHTP E. coli expression plasmids contain different tags known to enhance protein’s solubility and/or to promote correct protein’s folding. This may constitute the best economic and flexible alternative for selecting an appropriate tag for your protein.

– Flexible – insert, substitute or delete any region within a plasmid DNA
– Cloning in a NZYTech pHTP vector or in a vector of your choice
– Complex cloning projects: expertise in designing complex DNA constructs
– Lower price for sub-cloning into pHTP vectors
– Considerable saving of time and money
– Complete confidentiality guaranteed

Delivery Specifications:
– 0.5-1 μg purified plasmid containing your gene
– Gene cloning report containing QC certificate

Sub-cloning into pHTP E. coli expression vectors:


PCR fragments or synthetic genes cloned into an entry vector can be easily transferred into any pHTP E. coli expression vector. The NZYTech’ portfolio of pHTP expression vectors includes a different range of fusion tags, thus offering the possibility to quickly assay levels of expression and solubility of a desired protein in multiple conditions.


The advantages of sub-cloning genes into pHTP vectors includes:
– Lower price
– Fast cloning procedure
– pHTP expression vectors use the T7/lac promoter for regulated high-level protein expression
– Different range of fusion tags available
– Flexibility: gene sub-cloning can be easily achieved from the pHTP0 cloning vector to any of the pHTP derivatives with different solubility tags
– High protein expression levels can be reached when using pHTP expression vectors (see expression levels)

The effect of an engineered ATCUN motif on the structure and biophysical properties of the SH3 domain of c-Src tyrosine kinase
Plaza-Garrido M, Salinas-García MC, Cámara-Artigas A
J Biol Inorg Chem, 2020

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