Site-directed Mutagenesis (MS00301)

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Description: NZYTech offers a site-directed mutagenesis service which includes substitution, deletion or insertion of any base pair into a DNA sequence. The strategy usually involves an oligonucleotide-directed mutagenic approach using the provided DNA sequence. All mutagenesis clones are screened by DNA sequence analysis to ensure that the desired base changes have been made while confirming the integrity of the remainder of the clone. You will receive 2 μg of purified plasmid DNA or a stab culture of the strain carrying the plasmid, along with a report of DNA sequence analysis.

– Substitution, deletion or insertion of any base pair into a DNA sequence
– Wild-type plasmid DNA supplied by the customer
– Mutants screening by DNA sequencing analysis

Delivery Specifications:
– 2 μg purified plasmid containing your mutated gene
– Mutagenesis Report containing vector map, mutated gene sequence and QC certificate
– Estimated delivery: 10-25 working days for non-complex mutagenesis projects

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