We want you to profit from your own success!

If NZYTech’s products are mentioned in a paper published by your lab, your NZYTech account (Wallet) will be credited with a 10 € for each product cited to spend in any order. Please note that the final paper/page proof (as PDF files) or a downloadable link must be provided so NZYTech can confirm that your submission is valid for this promotion.

* By participating in this campaign you consent the use of information for marketing purposes.



  1. The credited amount can be used in any product from our portfolio
  2. The credited amount can only be used through the NZYWallet (online account)
  3. To be eligible, the papers need to have less than 24 months
  4. Each paper can only be accepted one time
  5. The paper will be announced as a winner of The Voucher and highlighted by NZYTech at social media and in the Citations of the respective product
  6. Voucher is not attributed in mentions of discontinued products