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NZY Auto-Induction LB medium (powder) PDF Print E-mail

- No need to monitor cell growth
- No need for IPTG induction
- Ideal for IPTG-inducible bacterial systems
- Ideal for high-throughput (HTP) methods
- High cell densities (OD600 nm up to 14-20) and protein expression levels

 For more information about this product, please visit: ://www.nzytech.com/.../NZY-Auto-Induction-LB-medium-powder

NZY Bacterial Cell Lysis Buffer PDF Print E-mail

NEW from NZYTech: NZY Bacterial Cell Lysis Buffer 

- Disrupt cells without mechanical procedures
- Ready-to-use formulation
- Ideal for high-throughput (HTP) methods
- DNase I and Lysozyme provided separately
- Outstanding yields of extracted proteins

 Learn more here: www.nzytech.com/.../NZY-Bacterial-Cell-Lysis-Buffer

New DNA Ladders PDF Print E-mail
Recently, we increased our portfolio of DNA Markers with two more convenient ladders: NZYDNA Ladder VII and NZYDNA Ladder VIII.

Read more here:
NZY Plant/Fungi gDNA Isolation kit now available PDF Print E-mail
NZY Plant/Fungi gDNA Isolation kit

- Simple and rapid small-scale preparation of highly pure genomic DNA from plant tissues and fungi samples. 
- Spin column silica-based.
- No requires phenol or chloroform extraction. 
- Optimized to isolate up to 30 µg of DNA from up to 100 mg (wet weight) or 20 mg (dry weight) of plant/fungi samples, depending of the plant/fungi species.

See more details at: www.nzytech.com/site/Genomic-DNA-purification-/NZY-Plant-Fungi-gDNA-Isolation-kit
New cDNA Synthesis kits PDF Print E-mail
We increased our portfolio of cDNA synthesis with convenient, reliable and cost-effective kits to generate high quality cDNA for any downstream application, such as standard PCR, cDNA library construction, or RT-qPCR and two-step RT-PCR assays. 

Now we have kits containing our two reverse transcriptases: NZY Reverse Trancriptase (thermostable) and NZY M-MuLV Reverse Trancriptase. 

NZYTech provides 3 versions of each kit:
- Oligo (dT)18 and random hexamers included in NZYRT 2× Master Mix.
- Separate primers. The Oligo (dT)18 and random hexamers are provided in separate tubes.
- Without primers. This allows a bigger flexibility since it is mainly to be used with gene-specific primers (GSPs).

Visit https://www.nzytech.com/site/cDNA-Synthesis-kits, to know more about these new products.
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