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Terms & Conditions

By placing an order, CUSTOMERS accept all terms and conditions of this agreement.

CUSTOMERS that do not agree to the full terms and conditions of this agreement should not place an order. Once a customer accepts these terms and conditions the CUSTOMER cannot subsequently decline or modify any term or condition without the prior written consent of NZYtech.

Use of Products

NZYtech products, services, kits and reagents are for laboratory research and in vitro use only. CUSTOMERS must read all relevant information about the product before starting the work. Please visit our website to find out more details about the Products, Product Brochures and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for download. NZYtech Products should NOT be used as Agricultural or Pesticide Products, Cosmetics, Drugs, Food Additives or Household Chemicals. NZYtech products may not be reformulated, repacked or resold by CUSTOMER in any form without consent.


NZYtech warrants that its products comply with the specifications indicated in the accompanying technical brochure as long as the product itself has a valid Certificate of Analysis (CoA). If a product fails to comply with its specifications, NZYtech should be informed as it may choose to replace it free of charge or refund the purchase price. This warranty applies only to products that have been handled and stored in accordance with NZYTech recommendations/specifications.


Complaints regarding product quality will only be accepted as long as the relevant product has a valid certificate of analysis (CoA). NZYtech will require the CUSTOMER to provide all the necessary information in order to process the complaint accordingly, i.e., include invoice number or Purchase Order number, batch number, problem description and evidence to sustain the complaint.


Prices are shown in Euro (€). Prices may be subjected to change without prior notice. NZYtech, at its own discretion, may require pre-payment of any order. Specific written quotations are valid for 90 days, excluding promotions, for which quotations are valid for 30 days.

Payment Terms

For international sales, advanced payment may be required, and, in such cases, orders are only processed upon our bank’s confirmation of money transfer. Banking expenses shall be fully supported by the CUSTOMER. In specific cases, the production will take place prior to bank validation of money transfer.

For Portugal and Spain, invoices will be due within 30 days from issue date. Advanced payment may be required.

Once an order is accepted by NZYtech, it can only be cancelled in cases where production on demand did not take place. In the specific cases of Services, including Gene Synthesis, Cloning, Mutagenesis, Protein Expression, Peptide Synthesis, services that are only produced on demand, NZYtech will not accept the cancelation of any such orders and the CUSTOMER will be responsible for payment of the total amount of the invoice in case of cancellation. 

Shipping Costs 

Portugal (Main Land): 16 €

Spain (Main Land): 20€

All other geographic areas: Upon quotation (in these cases shipping costs are additional to the price of the products and fully supported by the client).

Products that require ultra-low temperature shipping will have an extra cost for dry ice (39 € / shipment for EU members + UK + Switzerland and 290€ / shipment for all other countries).

Products that require Dangerous Goods Handling Charges will have an extra cost for (20 € / shipment for Portugal and Spain - 100 € for all other countries).

Custom fees, if any, related to the clearance of goods upon product arrival to the destiny country are of CUSTOMER responsibility.

Product Shipping and Delivery

All products are transported in the appropriated conditions to maintain intact all the properties inherent to their expected output. NZYtech can ship at different temperatures products to be stored according to product label temperature indications in the cases where this does not affect product quality. Regarding Incoterms, NZYtech can deliver goods with the following Delivery Terms: DAP – delivered At Place of Destination, where we handle the shipment from our facilities to Customer’s address (all shipping and customs fees on NZYTech’s responsibility); CPT – Carriage Paid To, when using NZYtech's courier account or EXW – Ex-Works, when using a Customer’s courier account (all shipping and customs fees on Customer’s responsibility). In specific cases, like CAZymes, Analytical Products, Molecular Diagnostics kits, Molecular Services, custom and bulk orders can take longer to produce and ship the goods. All Services are only produced on demand and, therefore, each order has its own deadline. For most countries, the delivery occurs within five working days, except in case of stock rupture.

In case a customer requires any certification to be sent with the goods, i.e., Certificate of Origin or ATR forms, these requirements must be stated upon placement of the order, as these documents will be provided at an additional cost.

Return Policy

NZYtech CUSTOMER Service is available to assist you in every way possible if a problem arises with your order. The CUSTOMER must inspect all packages immediately upon receipt and store the goods at the designated storage temperature.

CUSTOMER will only have 14 calendar days to notify NZYtech if any damage or discrepancy occurs. After this period, NZYtech will assume that the products were properly delivered and no longer accepts any complaint regarding packaging, delivery or other. In case of any damage occur, please retain the damaged goods, packing material and shipping documents and please notify our Customer Service through e-mail at If the damage requires you to return the goods to NZYtech, our Customer Service will provide assistance, shipping instructions and authorizations. If an item is shipped to you incorrectly, as the result of a mistake from our Logistics team, please contact our Customer Service through e-mail at, and we will take a quick and appropriate action to correct the problem. At NZYtech sole discretion, returns may be accepted for items stored at room temperature and that have been ordered by mistake but will be subjected to a processing fee of 30% to cover costs.

For e-commerce online orders carried out by consumers, if applicable, the return period without any cause is 14 calendar days from date of receipt of goods.

Gene Synthesis, Gene Fragments and Site-directed Mutagenesis: Representations and Indemnities

All services requests will be formalized in a project and quote that will be sent to the CUSTOMER for approval. Services will only be initiated following CUSTOMER’s acceptance and the arrival of the purchase order at NZYtech. Please notice that all fields of the project must be confirmed by the CUSTOMER. Following acceptance, modifications of the project will be charged accordingly. If the service is to be paid through NZYWallet, the CUSTOMER only needs to indicate its ID.

NZYtech will not transfer or provide the materials provided by the CUSTOMERS, in whole or in part, to any third party, other than a subcontractor, without the CUSTOMER‘s prior written approval.

In Site-directed mutagenesis projects, NZYtech will validate the DNA sequence of the custom vectors previous to the start of the project free of charge. In case the sequence is not accordingly, an additional fee of 50 € will be charged and a project delay cannot be assigned to NZYtech. The template DNA must be sent within a maximum period of 10 business days starting from project approval. In case this is not fulfilled, NZYtech reserves the right to cancel the project. NZYtech will confirm the entire gene coding sequence. In case the modifications are not introduced inside a gene sequence, NZYtech will sequence 700 nucleotides upstream and 700 nucleotides downstream of the modified region.

All vectors resulting from gene synthesis and cloning and Site-directed mutagenesis services are stored at NZYtech for a three-month period. After this period, nucleic acids provided to CUSTOMERS are destroyed, unless otherwise requested by the CUSTOMERS. Gene fragments produced are not stored in-house after dispatch to clients.

Peptide Synthesis: Representations and Indemnities

Unless otherwise stated, all peptide quantities/amounts mentioned on our website and all our documents including but not limited to quotation, projects, reports, invoices are gross weights. Gross weight includes not only the target peptides but also fragment peptides, salts and residual water. Net peptide weight indicates the actual weight of the peptide component of your sample, and is usually 60-70% of the total gross peptide weight. Custom peptides are not stored in-house after dispatch to clients.

Disputes and applicable law

These terms and conditions are subject to Portuguese law and, in the event of any dispute, the parties shall recourse to the courts of the city (“comarca”) of Lisbon.

Information made available on a permanent basis in Compliance with article 10 of the E-commerce law (Decree-Law n.º 7/2004, of 7 january, as amended) and seller of the goods and services.

Name: NZYTech, Lda.

Address: Estrada do Paço do Lumiar – Campus do Lumiar, Edifício E – 1º andar – 1649-038 Lisboa, PORTUGAL


VAT number : 508432901