NZY Viral RNA Isolation kit (MB40701)


50 columns


Description: NZY Viral RNA Isolation kit is designed for the rapid and simple purification of viral RNA of the highest integrity from a variety of sources, in particular serum, plasma, saliva, nasal samples, blood, tissue, organs and environmental samples. This method uses a denaturing lysis buffer containing guanidine thiocyanate, which also inactivates cellular RNases, to ensure the recovery of intact RNA molecules. Ethanol is subsequently added to provide selective binding of nucleic acids into the silica membrane column and impurities are efficiently washed away. High-quality viral RNA is then eluted in RNase-free water. Viral RNA is ready to use for detection using different amplification strategies such as Reverse Transcription (RT)-PCR or RT-qPCR. NZY Viral RNA Isolation kit is optimized to isolate RNA with high purity/integrity displaying an A260/280 ratio between 1.9 and 2.1. Traces of DNA may be co-purified with the viral RNA. If a DNA-free sample is necessary for your downstream applications, please treat it with DNase to ensure the complete removal of DNA trace contaminations.

– High RNA quality
– Viral RNA from multiple sample sources (serum, plasma, saliva, nasal samples, blood, tissue, organs and environmental samples)
– Optimized protocols for a range of starting materials
– High-speed protocol
– Silica-membrane technology

The purified RNA is suitable for use in the most demanding molecular biology applications, including:
– Reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR)
– Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR)
– cDNA synthesis


Sample material (general): serum, plasma, saliva, nasal samples, blood, tissue, organs, environmental samples
Format: Spin-column
Sample amount: 100-200 μL liquid samples
100 mg solid samples
A260/A280: 1.9-2.1
Elution volume: 50-100 μL
Preparation time: 25 min
High-throughput compatibility: No
Product size: 50 columns
Storage conditions: Store all components at room temperature
Shipping conditions: Shipped at room temperature

– Buffer NVL
– Buffer NV
– Buffer NVW (concentrated)
– RNase free water
– NZYSpin Virus Columns
– Collection tubes (2 mL)

Product Brochure EN
Certificate of Analysis ZN092
Certificate of Analysis ZN091
Certificate of Analysis ZN071
Certificate of Analysis ZN051
Certificate of Analysis ZN021
Certificate of Analysis ZN013
Certificate of Analysis ZN012
Certificate of Analysis ZN011
Certificate of Analysis YO031
Certificate of Analysis NM103
Certificate of Analysis NM102
Certificate of Analysis NM101
Certificate of Analysis NM071
Certificate of Analysis NM051
Certificate of Analysis NM047
Certificate of Analysis NM046
Certificate of Analysis NM045
Certificate of Analysis NM044
Certificate of Analysis NM043
Certificate of Analysis NM042
Certificate of Analysis NM041

Protocol Overview for purification of viral RNA:


OmniSARS2: A Highly Sensitive and Specific RT-qPCR-Based COVID-19 Diagnostic Method Designed to Withstand SARS-CoV-2 Lineage Evolution
Carvalho-Correia E, Calçada C, Branca F, Estévez-Gómez N, Chiara L, Varela N, Gallego-García P, Posada D, Sousa H, Sousa J, Veiga MI, Osório NS
Biomedicines, 2021

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