NZYSpeedy qPCR Green Master Mix (2x) (MB224)



Description: NZYSpeedy qPCR Green Master Mix (2x) is an optimized and highly efficient reaction mixture developed for real-time PCR. This master mix enables fast and highly reproducible procedures on the most common real-time PCR apparatus. The latest developments in PCR enhancers have been incorporated in this master mix, including buffer chemistry and a polymerase with hot start like activity. These combinations guarantee that NZYSpeedy qPCR Green Master Mix (2x) delivers ultra-sensitivity coupled with highly reproducible and fast real-time PCR protocols. The master mix is provided as a 2x reaction mixture that contains all components necessary for real-time PCR, including a green intercalating dye, dNTPs, stabilisers and enhancers. NZYSpeedy qPCR Green Master Mix (2x) is ready-to-use and only requires primers and template addition. It is optimized for intercalating green dye detection on different instruments.

– Hot-start capability
– Hot Sensitive
– Fast quantification
– High specificity and sensitivity

Product Brochure EN

Metabolic dynamics of human Sertoli cells are differentially modulated by physiological and pharmacological concentrations of GLP-1
Martins AD, Monteiro MP, Silva BM, Barros A, Sousa M, Carvalho RA, Oliveira PF, Alves MG.
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 2019

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