NZYDNA Clean-up 96 well plate (MB200)


Description: NZYDNA Clean-up 96 well plate kit is designed for the fast and direct clean-up of DNA solutions or PCR reaction mixtures in the microtiter plate format. Addition of a chaotropic salt buffer (NP) will allow the plate silica-gel based membrane to selectively adsorb up to 15 µg of PCR DNA that, after a double washing step, is subsequently eluted in a highly purified form. PCR products or DNA may be eluted in elution buffer or highly pure water (pH>8.0). Complete removal of primers, primer-dimers, salts, nucleotides and proteins (e.g., polymerases, restriction enzymes, BSA) is efficiently achieved. Eluted PCR products and DNA are ready to use for several applications including sequencing, cloning or microarray analysis. The kit is designed for use with vacuum manifolds without the need for centrifugation steps enabling complete automation of the DNA preparations. In case vaccum systems do not available, NZYDNA Clean-up 96 well plate kit is also compatible with centrifugation procedures.

– Time-saving (allows multiple DNA purifications in simultaneous)
– Suitable for high-throughput approaches
– Protocol compatible with vaccum manifold and centrifugation

– PCR clean-up
– DNA purification from enzymatic reactions


Sample type: DNA (PCR reactions; enzymatic reactions)
Format: 96-well plate
A260/A280: > 1.8
Elution volume: 75-150 µL
Binding capacity: 15 µg
Procedure: Manual or automated – under vacuum or centrifugation (see Figures & Tables above)
Product size: 2 and 4×2 plates
Storage conditions: All kit components can be stored at room temperature
Shipping conditions: Shipped at room temperature

– NP Buffer
– Wash Buffer (concentrate)
– Elution Buffer (does not contain EDTA)
– NZYDNA Clean-up 96-well plate
– Elution plate
– 96-deep-well block

Product Brochure EN
Certificate of Analysis ZN091
Certificate of Analysis NM031

Protocol for PCR or DNA clean-up in the plate format using a vacuum manifold system:


Protocol for PCR or DNA clean-up in the plate format using a centrifuge:


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