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  • New cleaner for Nucleases & Nucleic Acid

    28 November, 2023
    Nucleases & Nucleic Acid Cleaner simplifies lab cleanliness for life science researchers. Tackling challenges in nucleic acid manipulation, it swiftly removes RNase, DNase, and unwanted DNA/RNA. Tailored for qPCR and LAMP assays, it's a quick solution for labware that can't undergo autoclaving. Ensuring pristine conditions, it's a vital tool for reliable results.
  • The Role of Contamination Control in Molecular Biology

    27 November, 2023
    Life science researchers face a key challenge in maintaining precision for techniques like PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, LAMP, and RT-LAMP, where even one contaminated DNA molecule poses a serious threat. Daily issues with various contaminations, from microbes to RNases, impact experiment reliability. Traditional disinfectants like ethanol, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide have limitations, prompting the need for a better solution. The whitepaper explores the importance of contamination control, introducing NZYtech Cleaners—DNA & RNA Cleaner, RNase & DNase Cleaner, and Mycoplasma Cleaner—as solutions to preserve molecular biology technique integrity. Dive into the full whitepaper for optimized lab work with precise contamination control.

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