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Effortless extraction with the new Food gDNA Isolation Kit

29 January, 2024

Dealing with intricate food samples in the laboratory has always posed a formidable hurdle for scientists. The elaborate compositions in different foodstuffs, housing an assortment of constituents such as fats, proteins, and polysaccharides, introduce challenges in DNA extraction and subsequent processing, resulting in meager yields and deteriorated DNA. Conventional techniques utilizing phenol or chloroform extractions only exacerbate the situation, consuming precious time and resources.

What researchers require is a solution that simplifies the procedure and adeptly extracts high-quality genomic DNA from these demanding samples.

The new NZYFood gDNA Isolation Kit overcomes this obstacle. This innovative kit utilizes an exceptionally selective silica-based matrix that efficiently captures nucleic acids, doing away with the need for outdated, time-intensive methods.

The outcome? A user-friendly, effective tool that enhances your capability to extract minute genomic DNA fragments, even from the most formidable food sources.

We identified the demand for a user-friendly solution to support molecular biologists in the laboratory, whether they're engaged in food analysis or research. Our Food gDNA Isolation kit simplifies the procedure, providing a reliable tool to efficiently extract high-purity genomic DNA from complex food and feed samples. This kit is about precision and simplicity in the lab. It's about emporing researchers in their exploration of genomics within diverse food sources - Filipa Sequeira, R&D Director NZYtech.

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