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Precision RNA, DNA & Protein Isolation

24 July, 2023

NZYTech has launched a variety of RNA and DNA isolation solutions,  designed to address the complexities of diverse sample types.

Our unique product range empowers researchers with enhanced isolation methods, streamlining workflows and accelerating scientific discoveries.


Plant/Fungi RNA Isolation Kit

Extracting high-quality RNA from plant tissues and fungal materials can be complex and challenging. The Plant/Fungi RNA Isolation Kit overcomes these hurdles, ensuring reliable RNA isolation, free from degradation or contaminants.

Accelerate your botanical and mycological research with consistent and superior RNA isolation results, revealing the secrets hidden within plants and fungi.


Stool RNA Isolation Kit

The human microbiome holds immense potential for health research, but isolating RNA from stool samples can be a daunting task, especially for smaller RNA species. Our Stool RNA Isolation Kit ensures efficient and precise RNA extraction from both fresh and frozen stool samples.

Unleash the full potential of your microbiome research with high-quality RNA from stool samples, illuminating the intricate interplay between human health and gut microorganisms.


miRNA Isolation & RNA Clean-up Kit

Understanding miRNA's role in gene regulation is essential, but purifying total RNA, including miRNA, can be challenging, often requiring a separate clean-up process. Our miRNA Isolation & RNA Clean-up Kit streamlines the workflow, delivering hassle-free RNA extraction and purification.

Supercharge your miRNA research with confidence, thanks to reliable isolation and clean-up capabilities, driving insightful discoveries with simplicity.


NZY cfDNA Isolation Kit

Extracting circulating DNA from human blood plasma and cell-free fluids can be a tricky task due to low concentrations and small elution volumes. The NZY cfDNA Isolation Kit's specially designed funnel architecture ensures highly concentrated DNA solutions.

Enhance your liquid biopsy and biomarker research with a high-yield, concentrated DNA extraction, opening up new possibilities in non-invasive diagnostics.


NZY DNA/RNA/Protein Isolation Kit

Simultaneous purification of DNA, RNA, and protein from a variety of sample types can be complex and may risk compromising molecule integrity. The NZY DNA/RNA/Protein Isolation Kit ensures the preservation of DNA, RNA, and protein integrity.

Dive into comprehensive molecular investigations with confidence, knowing that your DNA, RNA, and protein samples remain intact for more insightful results.


Buffer NPFN

Buffer NPFN, a neutralization buffer, pairs perfectly with the NZY Plant/Fungi RNA Isolation Kit (MB45601), designed specifically for processing acidic samples like fruits. This specialized buffer ensures the precise neutralization required to extract high-quality RNA from challenging acidic sources. With Buffer NPFN, researchers can confidently delve into fruit-related RNA studies, obtaining reliable results and unleashing new insights from even the most acidic samples.


As a researcher, you hold the key to improve the lives of countless individuals and shape the future of scientific discovery. And we are here to support you every step of the way.

With these state-of-the-art tools at your disposal, you can embrace the future of RNA and DNA isolation, transforming your experiments, fueling your discoveries and uncovering groundbreaking insights that drive the progress of science.


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