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Our Vision for 2024 shared by NZYtech's CEO, Pedro Rio

10 January, 2024

Dear valued partners,

As we venture into the opportunities and challenges that the year 2024 presents, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support, steadfast partnership, and enduring trust throughout the complex landscapes of research and diagnostics in the challenging year of 2023.

The preceding year stood as evidence of our dedication to spearheading innovative enzymes, mastermixes and kits for both Life Science Research and Molecular Diagnostics. Our commitment to research and development has played a pivotal role in pushing scientific breakthroughs, leading to the launching of a comprehensive selection of superior-quality products.

I am delighted to announce a pivotal development for NZYtech in 2024 – the imminent completion and inauguration of a new cutting-edge infrastructure, specifically designed for the development and production of highly purified enzymes, master mixes, and kits for both diagnostics and research. This facility represents a substantial investment in our infrastructures, underscoring our commitment to providing state-of-the-art resources that complement the excellence of our product offerings.

In addition to this, I am pleased to inform you of our strategic expansion initiative through new partnerships across Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region. These collaborations are strategically aligned to enhance our global footprint, fostering innovation, and ensuring that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our esteemed clientele.

In the realm of biotechnology and enzyme specialization, NZYtech continues to uphold the highest standards, consistently meeting and exceeding the requirements of our valued partners. Your satisfaction remains our foremost priority, and we are dedicated to delivering products of unparalleled quality that align with the rigors of scientific research and diagnostics.

At NZYtech, we perceive our relationship with you not merely as transactions but as enduring partnerships. Your challenges inspire us to continually innovate and improve, and we eagerly anticipate overcoming shared obstacles and achieving mutual success throughout the coming year.

I extend my deepest appreciation for your continued trust in NZYtech.

Together, let us make 2024 a year marked by collaboration and distinguished achievements.


Pedro Rio, CEO