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Events        9-12 April 2023

Medica 2023 - Düsseldorf, Germany

NZYTech will participate in the upcoming Medica fair from November 13-16, 2023. Book a meeting or join us at our booth.

  • Optimized Pathogen Detection : A Compatibility Evaluation of PerkinElmer chemagic™360 system and NZYTechs MRSA and GBS qPCR detections Kits

    14 April, 2023

    The chemagic™ system from PerkinElmer and NZYTech's qPCR kits for MRSA and GBS detection offer a powerful solution for automated nucleic acid extraction and rapid identification of bacterial pathogens in clinical samples. The compatibility of these systems ensures efficient and reliable results in a timely manner, making them an essential tool for molecular diagnostic laboratories and thus an endorsed solution to use in your workflow.

  • NZYTech at Forum Labo 2023 – Paris, France

    18 February, 2023

    NZYTech will be participating in the upcoming Forum Labo Paris 2023, one of Europe's leading trade fairs for laboratory professionals. From March 28th to March 31st, our team will join other experts in the industry to showcase our latest products and services in molecular biology and clinical diagnostics, while seeking new growth opportunities and partnerships.

    Don't miss the chance to connect with us and learn more about our innovative solutions. To schedule a meeting, fill out the form on our website today!

  • Join us at ECCMID 2023 – Copenhagen, Denmark

    18 February, 2023
    NZYTech will participate in the upcoming 33rd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) from April 9-12, 2023.

    The event is an opportunity for NZYTech to showcase its range of innovative products and services, connect with experts in the field, and explore new opportunities for growth and success in the industry.
  • NZYTech strengthens partnerships at Medlab Middle East 2023

    10 February, 2023

    At Medlab Middle East 2023, NZYTech's CEO, Pedro Rio, met with valued partners including Biomss and Medical Masar Alshefaa, to discuss the latest updates and explore opportunities to deliver exceptional products and superior solutions.

    NZYTech remains committed to driving growth and success through partnerships, delivering quality solutions in life science research and clinical diagnostics to the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Meet a Scientist - Rita Simões

    01 February, 2023

    Easy-to-use polymerases engineered for fast detection and designed for state-of-the-art applications in molecular biology and diagnostics are key for both life science reasearchers performing critical experiments and technicians carrying out diagnostic testing.

    Rita Simões, Junior Scientist at NZYTech’s R&D department, has dedicated her time to an important research and development project at NZYTech - A new NZY Bst DNA polymerase, part of a new generation of DNA polymerases.

  • NZYTech at the Festival of Genomics

    27 January, 2023
    NZYTech was among the companies that participated in the Festival of Genomics, accompanied by our product experts David Ribas and Andreia Gomes, ready to showcase our latest products and innovations to attendees and understand the unique needs of researchers and clinicians alike.

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