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Life Science and Molecular Diagnostic Solutions


NZYTech designs, manufactures and supplies key reagents, kits and master mixes for life science research and molecular diagnostics. Powered by in-house Research and Development, engineering products to aid clinicians and labs globally. Serving more than 70 countries, across 5 Continents.NZYTech has an expanding portfolio of IVD and RUO Real-Time PCR Assays and molecular kits. Including Reagents and IVD kits certified under the ISO 13485. From qPCR Master Mixes and cDNA Synthesis Kits to One-Step RT-qPCR Master Mixes To RNA and DNA Extraction Kits and Key Components for qPCR Assays. Available in liquid, lyo-ready and lyophilized states for better transport and stable solutions. NZYTech is a global supplier-of-choice providing IVD kits of SARS-CoV-2 and Respiratory Viruses as well as more than 250 qPCR detections kits for Human, Food and Animal testing services. NZYTech has global database and supply of CAZYmes. With more than 80 enzyme categories available. Listing more than 1000 CAZYmes to choose from. As well as a analytical test kits for agro-food and fermentation industries. NZYTech specializes in PCR and qPCR reagents and kits for research and diagnostics purposes. Committed to the ever growing field of scientific research, our scientists are deeply engaged in the development of novel products every year. Dedicated to advancing science and being your trusted partner in Life Sciences.